Contributions Corubric16

All those interested in presenting contributions, the first thing to be sent is a summary with these formats to choose from Plantilla_Resumen communications either Template overview of self-organised Symposium. The Organization undertakes to respond within a period of 5 days maximum acceptance or not of the summarized contribution. Send contributions to

Once accepted the contribution must be a registration (see information) and once the registration it is necessary to fill in data for the database and subsequent certification (Participating data). You have to present this overview to the 20 of July and up to the 15 of September if want to extend (It is not mandatory to appear in proceedings) their contribution to some of the formats below proposed.

Both abstracts and extended contributions (Symposium and extended communications self-organized) as the text of different presentation formats (communications, poster and videoposter) they will be collected in the book Cebrian-de-la-Serna, M.; Serrano-Angulo, J. and Ruiz Reys, F.J. (Eds.) (2016). Technologies for the evaluation of the Practicum and external practices in multidisciplinary settings. Gtea collection. University of Málaga. ISBN 978-84-608-9250-2.

All contributions will have as end date the 20 July 2016 and an extension of 350 maximum words. In the case of Research should show a model Immrad (introduction, methodology, results and discussion) It allows to know the scope and scientific contribution of the work. In the case of innovations and experiences highlight the objectives, methodologies, assessments where appropriate and possible to extrapolate to other contexts results. In the case of Sself-organised imposium You must pick up the title of the Symposium with the name of the Coordinator, the title of each contribution together with the name of the author. The Symposium will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 contributions, with a time of equal length and parallel to the tables of communications development.

The maximum of authors in a contribution is of 7 you co-authors / safe as in the self-organized symposium which is considered a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 contributions with a number 1 a. 3 author/s for each contribution, indicating the person who defends the work and arranging accreditation all those who carried out the registration. The maximum of contributions by the same author in the Congress are three.

Once accepted this contribution author/res can - if desired, It is not obligatory- present a more extended communication in the following possible presentation formats:

  1. Extended self-organised Symposium. Maximum of 6000 words that may be contained in the Act with ISBN if delivered before of the 15 September. For the presentation of text extended to Symposium contribution will be used as follows Self-organizing Symposium extended template. Individual contributions within each symposium is individually certified as lectures to the authors of such contributions in addition to the coordination of the Symposium.
  2. Extended communications. Maximum of 2000 words that may be contained in the Act with ISBN if delivered before of the 15 September. For the presentation of extended communications will be used as follows Extended plantilla_comunicacion you are sent to the email from the organization putting on the issue “Extended communication”. Methodology tables communications: At the tables of communications moderator will make a brief introduction of all communications in 10 a. 15 minutes, then will present one to one communications offering of 2 a. 3 minutes of presentation without any kind of electronic filing (e.g.. PowerPoint). Finished this time is open to all those present a debate.
  3. Poster. The recommended measures A1/vertical. A1 = 594mm x841mm. Methodology of the Poster: They will be displayed in the hall of the Faculty of education for the entire Conference and be assigned a specific time for his defense.
  4. Video-poster. Video of a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 3 uploaded to Youtube minutes. The author/s will send the youtube link to the Organization ( before the 15 September, being the organization who will rise and will collect all contributions within the platform Open Video Annotation - OVA- where may users of the Congress make annotations and questions which may answer the author/s. The Video-poster methodology: There will be a room where a member of the organization may support participants to annotate the contributions; as well as, expose the videos-poster. You have of examples of video poster and explanation of this concept in this page.

The Organization reserves the right to guide possible works more appropriate format of participation (communication, poster and video-poster).

The Organization will recommend the best works to carry out a more extensive and proposal adapted to the Practicum journal formats.