Workshop CoRubric

CoRubric3Improving the skills of the students in the practicum by through Corubric.

The workshop will be an introduction presenting the possibilities of the electronic header or CoRubric for formative assessment and learning competition.

CoRubric It is a product and a free service generated from several r & d projects (Gtea and U Encic) and validated by one Community of practice teachers and researchers.

Pedagogical possibilities. It is currently implemented in a wide range of educational contexts in all areas and levels of education. The same, It is being used to provide solutions to a wide variety of methodological strategies, as: “evaluation of pairs”, “self-assessment”, “evaluation of groups”, “evaluation of tasks”, “project evaluation and presentation”, “ipsative assessment”, “the product evaluation, objects and services”, etc.


Possibilities for innovation. These different methodological proposals have allowed teachers to be researchers and innovators in their teaching, enabling a scientific production of his experimentation in practice. As you can see in the community of practice published references in

rubricDesign functions. The design of CoRubric is completely flexible and can provide evidence of different levels of achievement, different weights in each evidence, etc. As well as using quantitative and qualitative assessments, with spaces to write in each competition, indicator and evidence a qualitative notation, as well as, in each achievement qualified a qualitative and numerical evaluation.

Technological functions. Being a fully compatible with any virtual platform or LMS System, export evaluation results and content design, reports of a set of erubricas with specific weights, the evolution of a student or a group, etc.