Workshop Video annotations

fondoblancoOVAThe workshop of Introduction to Video annotations with OVA (Open Video Annotation) It will allow attendees to know firsthand the possibilities of a tool to analyze and give meanings with “multimedia annotations” (annotation of texts, video, sounds, headings, link to website, etc) small sequences of video selected. To enter the platform simply click this link: Enter.

When you make your entries in the Congress we ask that you answer this anonymous questionnaire for your assessment on the Use and satisfaction of the platform OVA to address a new way to present the work and collaborate in the Congress by Video-poster.

Presentation on cases of use of OVA in the practicum and Externships.

Presentation on how to make a group of students with OVA.

One of the possibilities most interesting ova for use in teaching consists of fragmenting the long and extensive speech of an audiovisual message in small sequences for better analysis, interpretation and reflection. Being able to generate different methodologies and assign values and meanings in a way shared between users. For example: The student at the end of their practices makes a video with a three minute summary of achieved learning outcomes, It can then be analyzed between the student and the other students in class.

ovaeje2Students can be uploaded to the ePortafolio a sequence of audio, video or photos of the evidence of their learning, so that they are essential to understand this learning experience, but that can be annotated with text in specific sequences for greater understanding and explanation. The same, perform a base of good practices found in external practices which allow form to document charts the experiences of learning, the problems of study, etc. And many other possible, in the case that concerns us learning of Practicum and external practices, You can use to make students raise evidence of learning in multimedia format and can generate a communication more fluid and simple with your tutor and other students.

ovaeje3OVA service is completely free and accessible land by RedIris, Google or Facebook. Being interoperable with any platform or LMS. Educational possibilities, research and innovation are many, can generate an opportunity for teachers to analyze their practices and content generated by students in his annotations.Ovaeje4

All annotations can be exported and generate graphics on the video so that you can analyze where the annotations are made.