Trello and Google Drive workshop

trelloIn this workshop of Introduction to Trello and Google drive We are going to show the possibilities of open access tools that exist on the internet as Trello and that Google offers to create a more personalized environment for student projects, setting up a new concept such as the PLE-Portafolios. In our case we work interchangeably with these two tools, but each institution, teacher or student can choose other possible, the best and most timely are for your project, here through these examples and tools we are dealing with a new concept and innovative practice such as the open and federated environments, where internet and distributed tools is the “Federated platform” for learning. In this way you have all the tools that exist on the internet, Federated insurance are more in number and quality offering a platform.


Not all projects and educational contexts in the practices are the same, so, each ePortafolio requires their own tools in response to its objectives and context. For this reason, There is another approach more personalized teaching process, where the student together with the tutor/to choose what tools really need and are better for your learning process. Here is the saying of “coffee for all”. Hence, and giving a more innovative way, the PLE-portafolios they take into account the personal learning environments - PLE- (Staff Learning Enviromment) students, tools used together with those recommended by the guardian, create a safe environment from a federated system (upon entering a tool once as soon as you identify, After you access the rest as if it were a platform).