Speakers Corubric16

Dr. Zabalza-Beraza, Miguel-Angel. Santiago de Compostela, (España).

Born in Pamplona (Navarra) in May of 1949. Doctor of psychology and a degree in pedagogy by the Univ. Complutense. He was Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, Quotes, UNED and, Since ago 38 years, teaches at the University of Santiago de Compostela, currently Professor of didactics and school organization.

Director of group GIE (Inter-University study group) which has developed, as principal investigator, 25 National and international research projects. He is author or co-author of over of 100 books, some of them translated into various languages. Among them, the best known are: Design and development curriculum (currently in the 13th edition, is translated into Portuguese); Classroom journals (translated into Portuguese, the Italian and French); University education (translated into Portuguese); The teaching skills of university professors, The planning of teaching in the University (2010); Teachers and the teaching profession: between "be" and "to be" (2011); Innovation and change in educational institutions(2012); The Practicum and practices in companies in the University education (2013), Children and nature (2016). President of the AIDU (Ibero-American University Association), Director of the Collection Narcea Editorial Universitaria Madrid. Member of numerous Spanish and international journals Editorial Board. He has been director of the journal of University teaching. President of ILADEI (Institute for Latin American studies of childhood) and editor of the magazine RELAdEI (Latin American Journal of early childhood education).

Dr. Kurt Fendt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT-(USA).

Dr. Kurt Fendt is a scholar of literary and cultural studies with extensive expertise in the application of information technologies to humanities research and education. He is Principal Research Associate in Comparative Media Studies/Writing (CMS/W) and Executive Director of MIT’s HyperStudio – Center for Digital Humanities. He teaches Digital Humanities subjects in CMS/W and German Studies courses in Global Studies and Languages (GSL). Fendt has held Visiting Professorships at the University of Cologne, the Technical University of Aachen, and the University of Klagenfurt, Austria; in 2001 he was Visiting Scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute in Sankt Augustin, Germany. He is co-Principal Investigator of Annotation Studio: Multimedia Annotation for Students and author/co-author of more than a dozen digital humanities projects. Before coming to MIT in 1993, Fendt was Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Bern in Switzerland, where he established the Media Learning Center for the Humanities and earned his Ph.D. in modern German literature with a thesis on hypertext and text theory in 1993. He holds a MA from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany

Dr. Cebrián Robles, Daniel.

Industrial Engineer, Máster en Energías Renovables y Doctor y fluids, Master in new technologies applied to education, Doctor en Educación por el programa de Innovación e Investigación educativa. It is PSI Professor of the University of Malaga. Miembro del Grupo ENCIC Developer of several Federated herramientas y para la enseñanza como la Erubrica, CoRubric, WebQuest and the Herramientas de Anotaciones Multimedia as OVA, the latter integrated edX MOOC platform. Research Fellow Harvard University (USA) 2013 and U Research Fellow MIT (USA) 2016. He has given numerous conferences, seminars and workshops for teachers in the use of CoRubric and Open Video Annotation to improve teaching in different Spanish universities (Malaga, Almeria, Granada, Vigo, Madrid…) and foreign (Ecuador, México, Paraguay, MIT-USA-). email: dcebrian@uma.es http://danielcebrian.com

Dr. José Tejada Fernández.

Bachelor's degree in psychology and in pedagogy, He is a Professor of didactics and school organization in the Department of applied pedagogy at the University Autonoma of Barcelona. Specialist in evaluation, innovation and training of trainers has worked its College and university teaching and research activity in these fields, both in Bachelor's degree, doctorates, Masters and postgraduates. Of such activity is derived publications such as: Curriculum innovation and research in the adult education (Fund formation, 1998); Learning processes and group dynamics (Fund formation, 1998); Education and group: working techniques and analysis (Llibreria University, 1997); The process of scientific research (Fundació LA CAIXA, 1997); The agents of innovation in schools (Water tank, 1998); The docent i l' Acció mediator (EDIUOC, 1997); Profile of trainer in vocational training and occupational (Octahedron, 2000). DIDACTICA-curriculum: Design, Development and evaluation (Da Vinci Continental, 2005); Training of trainers volume I and II (Coordinator, Thomson 2006 and U 2007). Research in education with another look (Coord, Unversitas, 2010); Functions and teaching skills (along with O. More, Synthesis, 2013), The training by competencies in higher education: Scope and limitations from referents of Mexico, Spain and Chile (Coord., 2016, Tirant lo Blanc). He is currently Coordinator of the research group CIFO, research by the Departament d'Universitats consolidated Group, I recerca i Societat de la Informació (Generalitat de Catalunya), 2014 SGR 617 Cut): jose.tejada@uab.es http://gent.uab.cat/jtejada/

Dra. Phil. Helza Ricarte Lanz. Köln University (Germany).

Professor Universidade de Cologne, Alemanha, No Institute of philosophy of education, Anthropology and education, deletions atualmente no mestrado de Formação de professores do ensino fundamental e Middle. PhD pela Universidade de Fribourg, Switzerland and education specialist from the University of Brasilia, Brazil. A researcher with the Regional Group and international comparative studies in education (DADO), linked to the National Research Council for scientific and technological development (CNPQ) and the College of education at the University of Brasilia (UNB). Directs and coordinates the research activities of the international project "comparative studies on the formation of the educator for the early years of elementary school" in Germany. Lines of research: vocational training, comparative education and education in a context of migration.Email: hl@drlanz.org

Dr. It rocha dos Reis, Pedro. Institute of education, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal).

Biologist and doctor in Didactics of the sciences from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, He is Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of education of the University of Lisbon where he coordinates the doctoral program in Didactics of the sciences. He was Professor of biology in high school before entering the Instituto Politécnico de Santarém, where he coordinated core of mathematical sciences and natural of the higher school of education and served as Vice President. Is engaged for several years in the initial and continuous training of teachers of all levels of education: children to school. Directed master and doctorate works in the areas of: 1) Science education; 2) Professional development of teachers; 3) Supervision and guidance of professional practice; 4) Integration of the technologies of information and communication in schools. Participates in research projects, teacher training and curriculum development in Portugal, other European countries, Angola, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe and Brazil (funded by the European Commission, the World Bank, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and various Governments). It acts as a Professor invited in programs of master and PhD at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (España) and Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP (Brazil). He directs the magazine "History" and integrates the editorial board of several international journals (for example, International Journal of Science Education; Research in Science Education; Science & Education). Email: preis@ie.ulisboa.pt

Dr. Serrano Angulo, José. University of Málaga.

José Serrano Angulo is Professor holder of University of methods of research and diagnosis in education at the University of Malaga. Ph.d. in mathematics. Coordinator of the doctorate programme in research and educational innovation. She teaches methodology of educational research. His research interests are centered on educational evaluation, educational measurement and the methods of statistical analysis of data. Orcid: 0000-0002-7721-7502

Associate Professor of UFPR, Civil Engineer and Doctor in production engineering UNiverisdade Federal de Santa Catarina. Currently in Pos-doctorate at the University of Málaga. . Permanent Professor in graduate programs in engineering and Science, Management and information technology. Research on the development of technologies, Innovative and creative products and services, Knowledge and information engineering, Theories and applications of Lean Thinking. Corporate education and mapping skills (and-Rubric) and management of technology in education.

Dr. Steffens, Karl. Cologne University, (Germany).

Karl Steffens is psychologist and senior researcher at the University of Cologne / Germany. He obtained his PhD from the University of Bonn and has been working at the universities of Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt, Erfurt, and Barcelona (Spain). At the University of Barcelona, he conducted research in the field of ICT for a year with a grant from the European Commission (Human Capital and Mobility Programme). In his teaching, he focuses on learning and instruction, technology enhanced learning, motivation, emotion and personality development. His research activities have centered on technology enhanced learning and on intercultural communication, with a focus on self-regulated learning in technology enhanced learning environments.

Dr. Barbera Gregori, Miguel Ángel. University of Valencia. ADEIT Foundation (España).

PhD in pedagogy and a degree in geography and history from the Universitat de València. Director of the Department of internships in ADEIT. Foundation University-enterprise of the University of Valencia from 1987 up to the present day. Areas of work: a.) Organization and management of University external practices http://www.adeituv.es/practicas-en-empresas/; b) Evaluation of the quality of practices in companies http://roderic.uv.es/handle/10550/46880; c) Training and accreditation of guardians of Externships http://seat.adeituv.es. Email: mbarbera@uv.es.

Dr. Erkizia Olaizola, Agustin. University of the Basque country /Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (España).

Doctor in economics and business from the University of the Basque country /Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU). Principal investigator for several projects related to the management of local public services and to the definition and implementation of models of management in SMEs. Director of the postgraduate course in University "herri erakundeen management specialist (hereku)” (2002-2008). Member of the TEKiGEL research team (Toki Erakundeen Kudeaketa ikerketa-research in the management of local authorities). Lines of research: a.) Management of the local public administration b) The dual training and external practices. He is the current Director of relationships external of the Campus of Gipuzkoa of the UPV/EHU and is responsible for coordinating the management of extracurricular external practices of this University. President of the Practicum network: Association for the development of the practicum and external practices (REPPE). Email: agustin.erkizia@ehu.eus

Dra. Galician Arrufat, María Jesús. University of Granada.

PhD by the University of Granada and titular Professor in the Faculty of Sciences of the education. Coordinator of the doctorate and Master's degree in research and innovation in Curriculum and training (Sciences of education) University of Granada. He has been principal investigator and member of research teams in information technology and communication in education, Training of teachers and higher education. He was Deputy Director of the teachers magazine – Journal of Curriculum and teacher training. She is editor of the journal JETT – Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers. His research focuses on online learning descriptors, Practicum, computer mediated communication (CMC), e-assessment and rubrics, leadership, personal learning environments (PLE).

Avanilde Kemczinski is a Professor of Computer Science at Santa Catarina State University – UDESC
at campus CCT/Joinville. She has a Dr. degree in Production Engineering from Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC (2005). She has a M.Sc. degree in Production Engineering from UFSC (2000) and has graduated in Occupational Therapy from Santa Catarina Association of Education – Faculty of Health Sciences of Joinville – ACE (1992). It is the leader of the Research Group on Computers in Education – GPIE by CNPq / UDESC. Her research interests include Computers in Education, particularly educational technology, learning objects, human-computer Interaction, collaborative systems (CSCL).
Her official full CV for the Brazilian National Research Council – CNPq is available at Curriculum Lattes http://lattes.cnpq.br/0048790978449306 Contact her at avanilde.kemczinski@udesc.br

Dr. Bartolomé Pina, Antonio. University of Barcelona. (España).

Sciences of education, Special Award (1982, Barcelona). Doctor in educational technology. Accredited as a University Professor (Aneca, 2010) and advanced research (HERE, 2010). He is director of the laboratory of Mitjans Interactius is a centre of r & d at the University of Barcelona, specializes in research in the field of education and the media, recognized and funded by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2009 SGR 847) Laboratorio LMI; Personal website; Blog http://basile.es

Dra. Perez Cascante, Lucila. Universidad Casa Grande (Ecuador).

PhD in management, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada; Master in technology education, University of the Islands Balearic, España. Master in new technologies applied to education, University of Málaga, España; MBA, Western Illinois University, USA. Currently, Director of graduate the University House large (Ecuador). Head of the center of innovation and technologies for learning (APPOINTMENT). Experience teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate University House large, and in the International MBA of the University of Quebec (UQAM) in Dominican Republic, Peru and Ecuador. Email: lperez@casagrande.edu.ec

Mª Ángeles Valverde Arrebola

Graduate in geography and history and diploma in management and public administration from the University of Malaga, Expert University in guidance socio-labour by the University of Valencia. It is an official race of the University of Malaga from 1999 playing different positions in the field administrative in the fields of management of students, management of HR and finally in employment since 2012, occupying the head of section of the business cooperation and promotion of employment service in March of 2015.
From his current position, and within the framework of the University network of student studies (Area of employment), he collaborates in the working groups responsible for the employment services of the University services of employment at the national level.

Dra. France may, Isabel.

University Professor of didactics and school organization at the University of León. President of the UNESCO Centre of Castilla y León. Evaluation of the ANECA in the programs (Meritum) and U (Docentia). His latest publications include: The leadership and direction of educational centers; The Organization normative and applied school; The quality of the schools of the 21st century; Improvement in educational centres plans: Design and development of the curriculum (Coord.); Organization of educational centres in the knowledge society (Coord). A book written by Luis María Berthoud and published in the publishing house Davinci Continental, Overview of a doctoral thesis on his work at the University of Cassino (Italy) collects his career: Executive leadership with teaching institutional identification. It has four six of research and 6 five-year periods of teaching. He leads a team of research excellence and has directed 29 doctoral theses. He has given conferences invited at conferences in: Belgium, Sweden, France, Italy, Jerusalem, Portugal, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, México, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Switzerland, Colombia, etc. Address: Faculty of education. University of León. Campus de Vegazana 24071 Leon. Email: icanm@unileon.es

Dr. Real July.

Degree in chemical sciences, specialty biochemistry. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Doctor of education from the UNED. Honorary Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Faculty of education, Department of didactics, area new technologies applied to education and Professor of the TICEF official Master of the same University from 2006 a. 2013. Professor at the Master information technologies and knowledge in the UNED. Professor in the Master Euromime (Erasmus Mundus), Consortium of the universities of Poitiers (France), UNED (España), Technique of Lisbon (Portugal), The Lakes, Osorno (Chile), Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM and Brasilia (Brazil). Professor of the course creation and use didactic of videos and sounds as tool for the professor in the postgraduate technologies of the information and the communication: Resources and tools for the teaching staff at the University of Comillas. Lines of research: Education in the cloud (applications teaching of the web 2.0), Multimedia in education, image, digital video and sound. Media education Media Literacy). Use of interactive digital whiteboards of remotely. Email: real.julio@gmail.com

Dr. Cebrián de la Serna, Manuel. University of Málaga. (España).

Professor of Educational Technology por la Universidad de Málaga. Lines of research: a.) Educational innovation vs technological innovation; b) Teaching University. During 10 years was director of various services of training for teachers: ICE (1994-98), Educational innovation (1998-00 )and Virtual Learning Service (2000-2003). Director of the research group, Junta de Andalucía (SEJ-462): Globalization, Technology, Education and learning (Gtea). Has been Advisor of the system of education to distance (SINED) and ANUIES in Mexico. He has led several r & d projects with partners from universities in Central Asia, Europe, US and Latin America. Personal Web. Email: mcebrian@uma.es

(D). Paul J. Sanchez Morales. University of Málaga. (España).

Educator with experience in the workplace from 1998. Has worked in companies both public as private developing tasks of training to level international. He has collaborated with the Ministry of health of Andalusia, with the school of public safety of Malaga and with the Didactic of the University of Seville project. Today, In addition to his work as a teacher at the Veiasa company from 2007, collaborates with the University of Malaga as Professor associate from 2008 linked to the scope of the pedagogy work. Belongs to the Group of research HUM-169: “Temperature of the education and education social”. Has accomplished several publications related with the pedagogy in enterprises and quality of the training.

Dra. Raposo Rivas, Manuela. University of Vigo (España).

Associate, PhD in educational psychology. His teaching takes place in the initial training of future professionals in the education field, in matters related to the information technology and communication (ICT), the Practicum and curriculum design. Its thematic areas of research and publications revolve around the educational use of ICT, teachers of pre-school and primary education Practicum, together with innovation and quality in higher education.

Doña Cebrián Robles, Violet.

Atty.. in law from the University of Malaga. Titled in mediation, Official master in criminal law, Master official in education. PhD student of the program Interuniversity "equity and innovation in education" by the University of Vigo. Project management and tutor of formative actions online companies in the sector of education. Member of the Group of research on equity and innovation in education of the University of Vigo. Curriculum. Email: violetacbr@uvigo.es

Dra. Pessoa, Teresa.

Professor of the Faculty of psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra. Has a degree in psychology and a PhD in educational sciences from the University of Coimbra Has developed work as researcher and teacher in the areas of teacher training and of educational use of information and communication technologies. Coordinated and integrated ibero-American projects in the area of teacher education and educational technology and, currently, participates in several European projects in these areas, and has several publications, in national and international books and magazines, in these same areas. His areas of interest and research in the field of understanding and design of training and learning pathways mediated by technology and narrative construction and reflective of knowledge. Ensure pedagogical coordination of distance education project of the University of Coimbra where he has been responsible for several courses in B-learning and learning in the field of lifelong learning. E integrated member Le@D. Curriculum. Email: tpessoa@fpce.uc.pt

Dra. Ruiz Torres, Mayerly. Universidad Católica de Manizales. (Colombia).

Psychologist de la Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (1993). Máster en Psicopedagogía Clinic, Master in learning difficulties and Master in management of human resources of the Institute of applied studies-Spain (2009-2012). PhD in research and educational innovation of the University of Málaga (2014). He is currently Professor of the master in education, tutor of degree and jury evaluator at the Catholic University of Manizales-Colombia work. His research interest focuses on the area of education, Pedagogy and curriculum, currently developing research work as coordinator of the Group of Alpha research (Education, democracy, pedagogy and local development) of the Catholic University of Manizales (Colombia). Email: mayerlyzulayr@hotmail.com

Dr. White Lopez, Angel. University of Málaga. (España).

Holder of Didactics of the sciences experimental Professor, credited to Professor. From 2008 a. 2015 He has been Director of secretariat of formation of PDI and educational innovation at the University of Malaga. Head of the research group on “Teaching of the sciences and competencies” (ENCIC) (HUM-974) and principal investigator of the r & d project of excellence "development and evaluation of scientific skills by teaching in context and modeling approaches. Case studies" (EDU2013-41952-P). His research interests are currently focused on the development of skills in the teaching of Sciences, in approaches to science in context modelling and in the initial and permanent training of the Faculty of Sciences. More information: Group Encic; Orcid; Researchgate.

Dr. Franco Marshal, Antonio Joaquin (University of Málaga).

Doctor by the University of Cádiz in 2011 and a degree in chemical sciences. Associate Professor of the Department of Didactics of experimental sciences at the University of Malaga and teacher of secondary education in the speciality of physics and chemistry at the IES Juan Ramón Jiménez in Malaga. Author of more of 80 publications in journals of national and international experimental science teaching. He has received two national awards for educational innovation and 11 with high school students research awards. His research interests are scientific competition, educational games and Didactics of chemistry. Email: antoniojoaquin.franco@uma.es

Dr. Ruiz King,Francisco José, University of Málaga (España).

Ruiz King,Francisco José. Associate Professor of the UMA in the Department of Didactics of the mathematics and teacher of secondary education of adults in the IPEP of Malaga. Doctor in Education Sciences from UNED; degree in mathematics, expert in the use of the Internet and its applications, Trainer of teachers and speaker at seminars and congresses of educational technology.

Dra. Maria Esther Martinez Figueira. University of Vigo (España).


Professor hired doctor interim and Vice-Dean of them degrees of education child and education primary of the Faculty of Sciences of the education and of the sport (Pontevedra campus), the University of Vigo. She holds a PhD in educational sciences, degree in educational psychology and a diploma in early childhood education. It is part of the research group surfaces of the University of Vigo. His teaching takes place in grades kindergarten and primary education; and in the master of secondary education, difficulties of learning and on the specific needs of educational support, teaching in all matters related to the information technology and communication (ICT) applied to the education and to the attention to the diversity, inclusive education, the Practicum and Dissertation / TFM. Its main lines of research and publications revolve around the educational use of ICT for all from the perspective of equity and innovation, initial and continuing training of teachers of non-university teaching, teachers of pre-school and primary education Practicum, together with innovation and quality in higher education

Dr. in case strong, Ana María. University of León.

Professor holder of University in the area of Psychology evolutionary and of the education and Vice-Dean of Practicum of the Faculty of education of the University of León. A degree in psychology from the University of Oviedo in 1998 and a PhD in psychology and educational sciences from the University of León in 2003, with award special of doctorate. He has taught and teaches in different diplomas, degrees, and Master, participating in different projects of educational innovation. Likewise, He has participated in more of 20 projects of the Ministry, of the Junta de Castilla y León, and of the provincial Government of León, and he has dealt with the address of one of them: “The motivation of learning in the early childhood education: Determinants that it kept to the boost in children's 0 a. 6 years”. He has also published in numerous national and international magazines, in English and Spanish, and has been author and co-author of various chapters of different books of publishing prestigious (Pyramid, Nova Science…), participating, also, in different ways (conferences, symposia, communications, posters…), in different national and International Congress of psychology and education. Finally has directed different thesis doctoral within the program of doctorate of psychology and Sciences of the education. Address: Faculty of education. University of León. Campus de Vegazana 24071 Lion Email: amcasf@unileon.es and U fcevdec2@unileon.es.

Dra. Mª Asunción Romero Lopez, University of Granada

Vice-Dean of Practicum of the Education Sciences Faculty of Granada and associate professor of the Department of didactics and school organization. Member of the FORCE research group (School-centered training). His major publications focus on teacher training, both initial and continuous, as well as the professional development of teachers; is author of various publications related with these thematic, as well as coordinator of a project dedicated to the methodologies of teaching and learning: "Put in practice of the method by projects", "an experience of learning independent and learning for the life" (subsidizing by the Vice-rectorship of quality of the UGR, 2011-2012). In relation to them publications recent about the use didactic of the technologies of the information and the communication is can highlight them following: "The European Higher Education Area-Driven Educational Innovation" Symposium within the EDUHEN16; "Emotions of university students in the use of digital portfolios as a tool of learning and assessment" presentation made at the EDULEARN16 Conference; and the presentation made in the CIDU (2016) with the theme: "Digital competence from the life experience of university professors. a way to understand the learning network?”. Address: Faculty of education. University of Granada. Campus de Cartuja 18071 Granada. Email: romerol@ugr.es