Video Poster

There is an example of how to do a videoposter in (see)

All contributions in Video Poster will be uploaded by the authors to Youtube and the link will be sent to before the 15 September for final acceptance.

Once the event has started, There will be a time and room dedicated to view all the videos and comments by the participants of Presential or virtual form with annotations to the video in the platform OVA, as you can see in the tutorial already created in the channel CoRubric16 YouTube.

The authors involved are committed to respond to the questions and comments of your videos found in the OVA platform. Both at the time of the exhibition and during the event.

The creation of the video requires that the image of the Congress which have appears in the header. Have of two possibilities to choose the best you agree, Cover 1 o Cover 2.

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Dra. Maria Do Carmo Freitas, Universidad Federal do Paraná, Brazil.

There is a global trend in the diffusion of scientific knowledge on shortening the distances that separate the scientific community with the less specialized audience. In particular, We recognize that it is necessary to bring the scientific community to the society, fact that motivates and calls a new audience to popularize science. See this example.

Example of shoe violin: Video and U Abstract text contribution.

We invite you to reflect: For whom is the result of our research? What opportunities we have to disseminate our findings and promote interaction between scientists and the public in general?

These questions become an invitation so you can make your presentation video poster format. In addition to changing the poster paper or plastic, the video poster can be reused later on the Internet as open educational resources (REA), and it will promote his team and its project on social networks - scientific digital marketing action-. The idea arose in Curitiba – Brazil – 2013, at a Conference on sustainability. Watch Youtube Channel, more than 100 videos, with a maximum of 3 minutes.


Video poster

It is the creation of a work and a message coded audio, fixed and moving images, that easily communicates and disseminates the scientific results of an investigation.

Digital scientific marketing

Set of actions able to help in the dissemination of the results of basic and applied research through digital media (Internet). This work is carried out mainly with the intention of attracting new users, introducing the researcher on the market; as well as, to implement actions and electronic resources, disseminate the results research and increase the visibility of groups and institutions that are linked.

Video Poster ponha idea em Prática !!

Is a worldwide trend that Comunicação possa encurtar as distances to separam to divulgação das scientific information between scientific comunidade e or less specialized audience. Em special, We recognize how necessary the approach of the scientific community of the society, fact motivator that attracts a new audience and popularization of science. See this example.

Summary video Violin shoe: video and U text summary

We invite all the reflection: To whom our investigations? What opportunities we have to disseminate our findings and promote interaction between scientists and the general public?

These questions become an invitation for you to make your presentation in video format poster. In addition to replacing the poster in paper or plastic that we were carrying us to the location of the event, the video will allow reuse Open Educational resource (REA) and is reused for promotion of your team and your project on social networks-scientific digital Marketing action. The idea arose in Curitiba-Brazil – 2013, at a meeting on sustainability. See the Youtube Channel, There are more than 100 videos with a maximum 3 minutes.

Understand the concept

Video poster

Is a recording and playback of a job with possibility of capturing and storing audio, static and moving image that translated into language's scientific research result.

Digital scientific marketing

Set of actions able to aid in the communication of the results of basic research or applied using digital media (Internet) among others to promote attraction of new users, Enter the market researcher, as well as to implement actions and electronic resources, aiming to disseminate research results and to increase the visibility of groups and institutions which are linked.