Workshop communities Google

Google3The workshop of Introduction to communities Google will be taught by those teachers: (D). Real July and (D). Oscar Costa

The use of social networking in education make the great boom that have had these applications in society, and even more students. The role played by Google as an instrument of integration in classrooms is based on the use of more real and participatory methodologies that equip themselves to teaching and learning more dynamic and motivation system. Video resource for the workshop.Google2

Google integrates a series of tools that allow you to perform most of the activities that make the systems

Google1learning management (Learning Management System, LMS) without the need for complicated installations.

It integrates Google as Drive tools, YouTube, Hangouts, etc… And can also be used as a collaboration methodology: I-metodologia, also attending the learning styles.

In this methodology, the center of attention is put in:

● the meaningful and autonomous learning,

● Research,

● find information in various media and

● the personality of the student.

In the workshop is intended to the creation of a community in Google , to create it, it is necessary to have a Gmail account and be given on Google


● Remove the physical barriers of the classroom, teaching teaching at any time and place

● Establish a fluid between different students communication.

●Impartir teaching of cooperatively between the participants, using tools of collaborative learning supported by webinars.

● Use tools of the web 2.0 to facilitate communication.

Attendees will be collaborative-duty, all the prepared teaching materials and all the works designed by the students will be available in the community of Google created for this purpose.