III International Congress Corubric16


In the International Congress “Corubric16”, Technologies for the evaluation of the Practicum and external practices in multidisciplinary settings, to be held in the University of Malaga the days 13, 14 and U 15 October 2016, dealt with the possibilities of ICT for the tutoring of the ePortafolios for the external practices. During the Congress the pedagogical models of the eportafolios will analyze; as well as, the different technologies of the ePortafolios allowing to document, communicate and evaluate learning outcomes of external practices.

The Congress is organised by two research teams (Gtea and U Encic) that currently he developed two r & d projects, as they are: Study of the impact of the erubricas Federated in assessment of competencies in the practicum. (2014-17) [EDU2013-41974-P] and U Development and evaluation of scientific skills by teaching in context and modeling approaches. Case studies. (2014-17) [EDU2013-41952-P]

At the beginning of the Congress will be presented REPPE, Network of Practicum: Association for the development of the Practicum and the external practices, along with the journal Practicum.

Preferred language of the Congress: Spanish. Contributions can be written in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

You can follow the events in the hashtag #gteaUMA


-Analyze the complexity of tutored distance learning outcomes and competencies to develop external practices in all areas and degrees.

-Analyze the possibilities of the ePortafolios for the evaluation of external practices.

-The experiences of other universities in the tutoring and assessment of external practices with technology, No matter what tool or technology is used.

-Creating Exchange and training in the use of technological tools for the eportafolios external practices from a multidisciplinary approach.


The International Congress is particularly aimed at tutors, teachers, coordinators and students of external practices from all areas of knowledge in the University education (Bless you, Engineering, Social Sciences, Sciences and Humanities) that you are somehow interested in deploying technologies (platform type Moodle, Sakai, Mahara, etc.; tools such as Erubrica and CoRubric as other internet, No matter what used; google tools, etc.) to improve the evaluation of distance learning.


Information and communication technologies; Portfolio; Electronic portfolio or “ePortafolios”; Evaluation of learning with technologies; Practicum; Externships; Rubrics; Electronic rubrics; Video annotations.



Ministry of economy and competitiveness.
Vice-rectorship of research and transfer of the University of Malaga.
Campus of international excellence Andalusia Tech. University of Málaga.
Faculty of educational sciences.
Department of didactics and school organization.
Department of theory and history of education and methods of research and diagnosis in education.
REPPE, Network of Practicum: Association for the development of the practicum and external practices.
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