Program Erubrica 2012

Día 24 October

09:00—09:30 Entrega documentación

09:30 – 10:00 Hall. Inauguración

10:00 -11:00 Conferencia Inaugural. Dr. José Tejada Fernández, Autonomous University of Barcelona (España). Assessment of competencies in higher education: challenges and implications. Presenting and moderating: Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna

11:30—12:30 Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna, University of Málaga (España), Desarrollo conjunto de herramientas erúbricas federadas para la evaluación por competencias. Presentation 1/3 / Presentation 1/2 / Presentation 3/3. Presenting and moderating: Dr. Juan José wallet.

12:30—13:30 Dr. Karl Steffens, Cologne University, (Germany) 21st century key competencies, self-regulated learning and rubrics for self-assessment. Presenting and moderating: Dr. José Serrano angle.

This Conference is recorded below the previous, You can view it in the previous player.

13:30 —16:00 Almuerzo

16:00—17:45 Hall. Round table: Experiences of evaluation by competences in Europe. Presenting and moderating: (D). Mauricio pinion.

-Dra. Maria Elena Bergman, Stockholm University (Sweden). eRubrica as a teaching tool for training teachers in early childhood education program.

– Dr Ulf Olsson, Stockholm University (Sweden) Students and supervisors responsibilities and the use of activity plans in the Sci-Pro system.

-Dra. Maria Teresa Pessoa, Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal). Experiences concerning evaluation of aprendizagens com a utilização das ICT: cases da Universidade de Coimbra.

-Dr. Philippe Gabriel and Mrs. Nathalie Gabriel, University of Avignon et Pays Vaucluse (France) “What do students do with a learning management system? To case study of the involvment in based on activity reports at master level courses

18:15—18:30 Descanso

18:30-20:30 Tables of communications. Places: Degrees and Hall Room distribution of tables communications. (see methodology for communications in “Communications“).

Día 25 October

09:00-11:00 Hall. Round table: Experiences of the use of the Erubrica in teaching of social vs science. Technological. Presenting and moderating: Dr. Juan José wallet.

– Dra. Esther Martinez, University of Vigo (España), Dr. Fernando Tellado, University of Vigo (España) and Dr. Antonio Bartolomé, University of Barcelona (España). The headings of self-assessment as a complement to blogs headlines.

-Dr. Santiago Tapia and Dr. Angel García, Polytechnic University of Madrid (España) Contrast between traditional assessment instruments and rubrics: vs exams. headings

Dra. Karmele Bujan Vidales and Dra. Itziar Recalde, University of the Basque country (España) The monitoring and evaluation of the transversal competences through headings.

– Dra. Lucila Pérez y &. Dolores Zambrano, Universidad Casa Grande (Ecuador). The use of the section in skills-based learning: Case study.

11:00-11:30 Descanso

11:30 – 12:30 Hall. Round table: Evaluating the satisfaction of users in the use of the Erubrica. Presenting and moderating: Dr. Jose Antonio Arjona.

– Dr. José Serrano y D. Daniel Cebrián, University of Málaga (España) Usabilidad y satisfacción de los usuarios de erúbrica

Dra. Raposo Manuela Rivas, University of Vigo (España) Dra. Maria Jesus Gallego Arrufat, University of Granada (España) Student satisfaction with the assessment based on headings.

12:30—14:00 Hall. Round table on experiences in the use of rubrics in teacher training. Presenting and moderating: Dr. Francisco Ruiz Rey.

Dra. Elizabeth France may, University of León (España) Evaluation of the intellectual capital of the students through erubrica.

Dr. Julio Cabero Almenara, University of Seville (España) Erubrica in the design of personal learning materials for entornso (Dipro project 2.0)

Dra. Gabriela de la Cruz Flores, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and Universidad Nacional Autonoma Mexico. Construction of headings through the collaborative work of teaching.

Dr. Jesus Valverde Berrocoso, University of Extremadura (España) Model for the assessment of competencies in initial training of education professionals

14:00—16:30 Almuerzo

16:30— 18:00 Place room of degrees. Workshop on Federated erubrica. (Bring own PC with ability to access Internet wifi free access Congress).

18:00 —18:30 Descanso

18:30-20:30 Place: Sala de Grados. Distribution of tables communications. Tables of communications. (see methodology for communications in “Communications“).

Día 26 October

09:00-10:30 (D). Philip Desenne, Harvard University (USA). Video annotations in assessment of learning and teaching processes. Presenting and moderating: Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna.

10:30 – 11:00 Descanso

11:00—13:00 Hall. Round table: The use of the Erubricas in personal environments supervised experiences. Presenting and moderating: Dr. José Serrano angle.

-Dra. Vanesa Maria Gamiz Sánchez, Dra. Maria Jesus Gallego Arrufat and (d). Emilio Crucible Moya, University of Granada (España). Educational experiences of active methodologies with ICT assessment: Analysis of cases at the Universidad de Granada.

– Dr. Juan José wallet, University of Málaga (España). The use of the erubricas in the practicum experiences.

-Dr. Rafael Pérez Galán, Doña Ana Rueda Galiano and Daniel Cebrián Robles. University of Málaga (España). The exhibition of projects by the students erubrica.

– Dr. Julio Ruiz Palmero, University of Málaga (España). Experiences of the use of the erubricas in the PLEs.

-Dra. Manuela Raposo, University of Vigo (España) and Dr. Joaquin Escola, University of Tras Os Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal). The evaluation of skills through a master erubrica: a specific case in the UTAD (Portugal).

13:00—13:30 Official closing

13:30 -14:00 Collection of credentials