VI International Seminar: Technologies for the assessment of learning outcomes 2017


VI International Seminar: Technologies for the assessment of learning outcomes, to be held in the Faculty of Sciences of the education, University of Málaga. 4 of December 2017.

The objective principal of the VI International Seminar consists of the exchange of methodologies, experiences, resources and scientific productions about the use of technologies to improve the learning evaluation, especially in the use of electronic header for the evaluation of competencies.

The seminar is open to the participation of teachers and researchers using other technologies. Both the inscription as the participation work will be free to fill capacity. Being able to choose two presentation formats: Table experts (10 minutes of exposure by lecturer) and U Experience table (5 minutes per speaker). (Complete all the spaces for registration in tables of experts and experience, only vacancies for assistance -11/11/2017-).

They collaborate in the program distinguished researchers from the two projects: Study of the impact of the Erubricas Federated in the evaluation of competences in the practicum. National plan r & d excellence (2014-17) [EDU2013-41974-P], and U Development and evaluation of scientific skills by teaching in context and modeling approaches. Case studies. (2014-17) [EDU2013-41952-P]. Is an exhibition on the use of the tool and its possibilities for the formative evaluation of learning.

They collaborate:

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