Registration and participation

There are various types of registration (fill in form at the end of this page) and participation in all cases will be free to fill the number of seats. These modalities are:

1. Assistant

2. Presentation of works to choose between two formats of participation:

a.. Expert table. Duration 1 time with 4 o 5 speakers to 10 minutes each one 15 minutes of debate.

b. Experience table: Duration 1 time with 9 speakers to 5 minutes each one 15 minutes of debate.

In both cases they must send a pdf to the Organization with the appropriate number of screen time and a week before the event. The Organization will be responsible for its dissemination and disposal during the event.

The text be sent within the registration form seeking to inform briefly the context and training activities, the technologies used, its mode of use and the training methodology (evaluation of pairs, self-assessment, 360º evaluation…); as well as, some bibliographic reference, web address, etc. You can add more information. In the case of research experiences of a summary of the article as soon as is suggested, In addition to using the structure known Immrad (introduction, methodology, results and discussion).

Certification of attendance will be 10 hours and participation in any of the formats will be Conference at International Congress.

In the entry form is shall complete the text of the communication with a size around 400 words. All contributions that are submitted 1 week prior to the event will be collected in the book with ISBN. Cebrian-Robles, (D). (Coord.), 2017. Technologies for the assessment of learning outcomes. Collection Gtea University of Malaga. ISBN: 978-84-697-7879-1 (pending).

The capacity is limited in space both for assistance as well as for the submission of papers in the programme. Therefore, they will be selected by strict order of reception of participants and presentation of works. The author to receive a response from the Organization. The contributions will be individually, not having of 2 or more authors a single job.