1Th International Congress on emerging technologies in education

15-17 May 2019 Faculty of educational sciences

Organized by the Group research Gtea

The First International Conference on emerging technologies in education you want to open this space and subject for reflection and exchange of experiences, so our University lead opportunities for dialogue, the exchange of experiences, the training and updating of teachers and researchers, facilitate the confluence of interests, research and development of technologies applied to education. Among its main objectives which will address the analysis of emerging technologies in this "curve Gartner" and report Horizon interest today and in the future education, as they are: the"blockchain”, the"multimedia annotations”, “ educational Robotics”, “the thinking computer"to the"... among others. Technologies as a whole that have attracted a high level of expectations currently in education (is placed in the level higher curve of Gartner), and we hope to address its projection in the immediate future and in the long run. The same, the possibilities and opportunities as its dangers and educational requirements will be analyzed (funding and resources, training, competencies, etc.)