V Programming Days, Robotics and 3D Printing. 2019

The Va Day of Programming, Robotics and 3D Printing , PR3D2019, is the fruit of the collaboration between the Tramuntec Association, DIM Group (Didactics and Multimedia) and the Spiral Education and Technology Association. This year 2019 we do it in collaboration with the best of companies, the group GTEA of the Faculty of education of the University of Málaga (Go to the conference website).

As in the Previous, in this edition, the selfless work of many people has been incorporated, institutions, as well as from different companies.

This Day was born three years ago with the intention of making visible the good practices of teachers in the field - in those novel moments- Of Educational Robotics and the fledgling 3D printing. Although in one and the other, has been consolidated quickly in some of our classrooms, the truth is that there is still a lot to go and days like these, are still much needed within the world of education.