II International Congress Erubrica 2012

The International Congress days 24, 25 and U 26 October 2012 in the Faculty of Education Sciences at University of Malaga, He has been a space of encounter and exchange of experiences among researchers and teachers around the world on the use of erubrica applied to the evaluation of learning. This event brought together more than 25 Experts on this theme of España, Europe (France, Germany, Sweden and Portugal), United States and Latin America.

Most of the speakers have participated in the research entitled r & d projects Federal service of erúbricas for the evaluation of learning (EDU2010-15432) along with other speakers that from their research subjects (e.g.. Self-regulation -participant in the U. Cologne-, plagiarism in the work on the internet -U. Stockholm-, assessment through video annotations -Harvard University -, etc.) a multidisciplinary vision was offered to the theme of the Congress. Together with the experiences of many educational innovators who currently use the service of erúbrica in its different areas and from all the universities connected to the SIR of RedIRIS.

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Universities involved in the project r & d EDU2010-15432


The new European space for higher education (EHEA) and the new Ibero-American education space (ALCUE) stress the importance of educational institutions "focus education on learning of students", and these are those who achieve competencies in a process of "self-learning lifetime". This approach involves students request processes of reflection and self-evaluation on their learning, and therefore requires research in new methodologies that allow a more prominent role of students in teaching, especially in a greater commitment in assessment processes. (Download poster)

The assessment by erúbrica lies within the concept of formative assessment. It is an evaluation methodology at the same time a technique and management of own assessment tool, that forces to improve the realization of criteria and evidence in the same.

The first international event on Erubricas in our country was organized by the Dra. Karmele Bujan in San Sebastian, University of the Basque country in July of the 2010, had as its title: International seminar on the headings of evaluation in carrying out of competitions: areas of research and teaching. This International Congress is the second on this topic and has the following objectives, topics and methodology:


1.- Reflect, discuss and share experiences on the evaluation of the learning by competition and through the use of ICT in general, especially electronic ríbricas or erúbricas.

2.- Expose the State of the art in research on headings providing a place of meeting and exchanges at the international level.

3.- Submit a tool Federated to the realization of Erubricas from Gtea for Europe and the Sined Erubrica for Latin America.

4.- Expand and strengthen the Community of practice already created for the exchange of experiences and use of services available erubricas by SIR RedIRIS, and for Latin America by accessing the Sined SIR.

Topical: Formative evaluation, assessment by competition, self-evaluation and peer evaluation, evaluation by heading, evaluation by electronic rubric or erúbrica, ICT applied to evaluation.

Directed to: teachers of all disciplines and levels, researchers in education and students interested in education in general and in particular assessment processes.

The methodology It will be with interventions in conferences and round tables in the morning, with tables of communications, poster and workshops in the afternoon.

Videostreaming of all will be the Conference so that you can follow on the internet, at the same time will create a Twitter channel to receive questions and comments to the rapporteurs live.

All communications, presentations of the Conference and the workshop of the erúbrica manual will be reflected in a CD-ROM with ISBN, and will be delivered in the documentation at the beginning of the Congress.


At the end of each session and activity will be an assessment of the process through a rapid survey system on the internet. This will allow us to live information to facilitate the orientation of improvements during the development of the Congress from the satisfaction of users.

Financing and organization:

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