I seminar international ICT and indigenous diversity. Malaga. 2008

I international seminar "technologies of information and communication in the educational development of indigenous peoples. Hall of acts of the Rectorate building, Avda. Cervantes nº 2 (in the Park of Malaga) University of Malaga the days 2 and U 3 April of 2008. Serminario international addresses the educational problems of indigenous peoples and the role that technologies can represent for the preservation of cultural diversity, biological and linguistic diversity, and the development of educational projects. All the speakers participated in different times and activities in the two projects developed in the upper Orinoco, Amazon (Venezuela) and financed by the AECID between 2005-08.

It is organized by e(GTEA) under the patronage of the Spanish Agency of international cooperation for development (AECID).

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