II Internacional Workshop on educational applications of the Federated systems. Mexico D.F. 2011

Federated environments workshop

A Federation of identities is a group or set of entities that share the technology, standards and use cases that can transmit information of identity of a user in a secure manner by providing authentication and authorization across different domains. Authentication is performed using the “Identity providers” (IdP). The service provider (SP) to which the user acede relies on the correct authentication in the IDP.

The Federation SINED is a trusted network of authentication that allows its members access services/resources/content distributed (at any institution) national or international to keep the user name and password from your home University with high levels of security and consent of the parties to the information sharing (in case of not belonging to any University you can create account in SINED and identify themselves as a Member). This will allow a person or group that can access a series of inter-agency services, some open, others by invitation or any other previously agreed access control scheme.
This innovation technology of recent implantation but consolidated already in other continents (Australia, Canada, Europe, United States and Japan), It allows the collaborative work between different institutions in joint training projects, networks, Research, of developments, etc. sharing tools and contents of each institution without predominance of any especially; supported by a secure network for users and institutions like closed environments, only that, and against this, It facilitates the experimentation of new innovative experiences within the recent paradigm of open virtual environments.

They may know some completed projects where this technology is used: Federated environment of collaboration for the Ibero-American space of higher education (ALCUE) http://resib.uma.es/?page_id = 111 and other projects underway: Federal service of eRubrica for the evaluation of the learning universitatios http://erubrica.org

Dr. Manuel Cebrián of the Serna of the University of Malaga has assumed various management positions at their institution responsible for educational innovation, virtual teaching and teacher training. His research and teaching is the educational innovation, University didactics and the new technologies applied to education. More information http://gtea.uma.es/mcebrian

Objectives of the workshop:
Generate a meeting between experts and stakeholders in education to meet and share experiences on use of mechanisms of identity and federated systems applied to the field of distance education.

To whom it may concern?

Technical staff of distance learning services
Managers and administrators of departments and services for distance education
Researchers and academics interested in distance education.

Director of the Sined Dra. Lourdes Galeana. SEP. México
Coordinator of the Workshop Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna. University of
Malaga. España (It presents the contents of the workshop).
Director of research and innovation of the Sined. MTRA. Georgette Murillo.

Conference. Federation of the Sined systems.

MC. Gabriel Cruz. Technical Director of the Federated system SINED. México.
Conference. Systems Federated in educational environments:experiences and perspectives.
Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna. University of Málaga. España.

Conference. Federation of identities of Andalusian universities (Trust). España.
ING. Sixto Martín García. Team of trust.

Round table. The land system of the Sined experience.
ING. Enmanuel Argenis Mondragón, (D). Jesus Quintana, Doña Dolores Zambrano, Dra. Marta kagel and Dra. Carmen do Camo Duarte Freitas.

Practical workshop. For technicians.
MC. Gabriel Cruz.
Contents: Installation of an Idp and requirements for creating federated services.

Discussion group: Academic and methodological possibilities Federated systems.
Coordinated by Dr. Juan José purse Moya and
Dr. Julio Ruiz Palmero. Teachers-oriented, researchers and academics
interested in distance education.
Contents: Exchange of experiences and assessment of the educational possibilities that would have systems federated universities of attendees.

Discussion group: New legislation and regulations,Administrative and management of federated systems.

Coordinates D.Giovani Lemos, Dr. Jose Antonio Arjona, Dra. Clara Bonfill and Dra. Lucila Pérez. Oriented managers, academic and administrative.
Contents: opinion Exchange, experience and assessment of legislative and administrative changes that may be required courses and other academic activities with the use of federated systems.

-Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna. University of Málaga. (España)
-MC. Gabriel Cruz. Technical Director of the Federated system Sined. (México)
-ING. Sixto Martín García. Technical equipment of the system Federated trusts.
Andalusian universities (España)
– ING. Emmanuel Argenis Mondragón, CEUPROMED, University of Colima, (México)
-(D). Sixto Pablo Martín García engineer computer Yaco Sistemas SL
Seville Spain (smartin@yaco.es)
-Dra. Marta Kagel Director of distance education service
Universidad Católica de la Plata, Argentina (mscigliotti@smt.edu.ar)
-Doña Dolores Zambrano, Universidad Casa Grande Ecuador technical team
-Dra. Carmen do Camo Duarte Freitas University do Paraná (Brazil)
-(D). Jesus Quintana academic Director Universidad Guadalajara headquarters Cunorte
(México) jesus.quintana@cunorte.udg.mx
-Dra. Clara Bonfill doctor CAECE University and Director of education to
distance U. Belgrano (Argentina) (bonfill@fibertel.com.ar)
-Dr. José Arjona Dr. University of Málaga (España) (jaarjonam@gmail.com)
-Dr. Juan José purse Moya, University of Málaga
-(D). Giovani Lemos Director of University distance learning service
federal police (Brazil) (giovani.glcj@dpf.gov.br)
-Dr. Julio Ruiz Palmero, University of Málaga (España) (julioruiz@uma.es)
-Dra. Lucila Perez Director of the Universidad Casa Grande, (Ecuador)