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Night of Flamenco and marine sciencesTortugas-300x225

In the idea of creating other environments for the exchange of experiences and mutual knowledge, We have prepared a cultural activity of Flamenco dance in the Museum Alborania Class from the sea. The Museum is a center that collaborates with the University of Malaga, offering practical environments to foca-300x220our students and where our group Gtea He has developed different educational projects (see projects).

Entries are limited according to the capacity and are available at the Secretariat of the event until Thursday 6 stop 13:00. The ticket has a cost of 10 euros and offered Cup, snacks and Flamenco performance. The entrance is planned for the 20:30 with time to see the Museum and the performance of Flamenco which will begin the 21:00 (45 minutes). The place is located in the port of Malaga where you can find all kinds of restaurants for dinner. Place: Museum Alborania Class from the sea (Port of Malaga); Día: 6 March; Check in time: 20:30.


The Flamenco is represented by (promotional video): Dancers: Sandra Cisneros and Rafael Ramirez. Guitarist: Ruben Portillo. Sing: Michael Astorga. Percussion: Fran Núñez