III International Workshop on establishment of MOOC with multimedia annotations 2014

The initiatives that some universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard... launched from the 2012 with the platform edX for massive courses (MOOC in acronym: Massive Online Open Courses), have been generated in a short time all a trend and a line of opportunities for university education and education in general which are yet to explore all. The idea of give the MOOC of greater interactivity and pedagogical design, during the 2013 the project manager of HarvardX endorsements, (D). Philp Desenne together with our engineer D. Daniel Cebrián - creator of the Federated environment of Gtea– they have developed a tool forMultimedia annotations CHS (Harvard University), in order to be able to integrate into edX or any other MOOC; as well as, to be used as independent annotations service. The present international Workshops aims to show the progress of this collaboration; at the same time, invite other teachers, researchers and international and national developers who are working on this issue, to analyze the latest technological innovations and the pedagogical possibilities of annotations multimedia and MOOC platforms for education.


-Create a space for the development of future collaborative projects, strengthening the network that already have Latin American-Resib-.

Follow us on the Hashtag of the Workshop #MoocAton14 (Download program)

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With the collaboration and funding:

-Vice President for research and transfer

-School of doctorate of the University of Malaga

-Faculty of educational sciences

-Department of didactics and school organization

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