V international seminar program 2015

Día 6 March

08.30-09.00 Delivery of documentation

9.00- 9.15 Official opening. Chairman of RD international seminar. Juan José wallet; Chair Euroformac-UMA D. Pedro Guzman Ruiz and the University authorities.

9.15-09.45 The Federal ePortafolios of multimedia evidence and learning of external practices. Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna. University of Málaga.

09.45-10.15 Self-regulated learning and TICs. Karl Steffen. Köln University.

10.15-10.45 Organization of external practices in the universities of the Spanish State. Dr. José Tejada Fernández, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

10.45-11.00 Recess

11.00-11.45 Round table on “The vision of the external practices from the centres and companies of practices”. It moderates the Panel discussion: Dr. José Arjona Muñoz

-Jesus Moreno Diaz. Person in charge human resources group Euroformac

-Doña Nea Baptist Wiberg, Company Chilikids (Sweden-Spain)

-(D). Enrique Alberto Gallardo Fortes. The Institute of high school counselor. Mare Nostrum.

11.45-12.15 Headings with positive and negative evidence for the evaluation of external practices. Dr. José Serrano angle, Dr. Daniel Cebrián Robles and D. Jose Serrano Puerto, University of Málaga.

12.15-12.45 Monitoring of practices and ICT: Na University of Coimbra experiences. Dra. Teresa Pessoa, Coimbra University.

12.45-13.45 Table round experience of tutoring on external practices. He moderated the round table Dr. Francisco Ruiz Rey. University of Málaga.

Experiences of external practices Fca tutoring. CC.EE. University of Granada. Dra. M. Jesus Gallego Arrufat.

The tutoring of the Fca Externships. CC.EE. at the University of Leon. Dra. Elizabeth France may

The Practicum in the Master of education of the University of Vigo. Dra. Raposo Manuela Rivas.

Students of final degree tracking techniques. University of Barcelona. Dr. Antonio Bartolomé Pina.

13.45-14.30 Presentation of tools for the multimedia evidence ePortafolio. Presented and moderated by Dr. Juan Jose Leiva Olivencia. University of Málaga.

13.45-14.05 eRubrica for evaluation by competences on external practices. Dr. Daniel Cebrián Robles and Dr. Juan José wallet. University of Málaga.

14.05-14.30 Open Video Annotation - OVA- to document the evidence of learning in external practices. Dr. Daniel Cebrián Robles and Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna. University of Málaga.

14.30 International seminar closing and delivery of certificates.