V international seminar on technological innovations for the tutoring of external practices 2015

The V international seminar on technological innovations for the tutoring of external practices It deals with the possibilities of ICT in general, and especially theFederated ePortafolio of multimedia evidence for the tutoring of external practices. The seminar will be shown the pedagogical model and the technological platform that has been created and experienced by the members of the research team which is currently developing the project P I D i Study of the impact of the erubricas Federated in assessment of competencies in the practicum (2015-2017)[EDU2013-41974-P]. In this international seminar involving researchers and teachers from national and foreign universities that are members of the project, where will they present their experiences on external practices in educational contexts; at the same time, the tools will be presented of the Erubrica and Video annotations -OVA-.

Place: Hall of acts of the Faculty of Sciences of the education, University of Málaga.

Date and hours: 6 March of the 2015, of 9.00 a. 14.30.

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Innovation in the teaching of external practices is one of the lines and more specific research topics in the field of university education. Although possessing extensive experience, There are still important aspects of study, specially produced by recent changes in curricula that give greater load of credits in all university qualifications; need to investigate the contexts of learning shared between company-University; as well as by the rise of practices in ICT-supported, such as digital portfolios (eportafolios), It raised necessarily have technological and methodological solutions that are supported from studies and research carried out with rigour, especially if we consider the rise in the use of ICT in general. Necessarily the process of tutoring of external practices requires communication and tracking distance with the use of eportafolios, together with the evaluation based on competences and the requirement for students to provide evidence of their learning, raises the interest in experiencing the best methods of tutoring with the use of eportafolios. Within the elements of a eportafolio We find design tools, communication and evaluation by competences such as the erúbricas and other, equally interesting, to document the evidence of learning, as the Multimedia annotations.


Information and communication technologies, Externships, ePortafolios, Erubricas and Video annotations.


-Analyze the possibilities of a Federated ePortafolios of multimedia evidence for the tutoring of external practices.

-The experiences of other universities in the tutoring of external practices.

-Share experiences on the use of technologies for tutoring and assessment of external practices.

-Presentation of the tool Erubrica and annotations Multimedia - OVA- and its possibilities for the tutoring of external practices.


The international seminar is particularly aimed at tutors and coordinators of external practices, researchers, students and doctoral students interested in issues of the international seminar.

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With the collaboration and funding:

-Ministry of economy and competitiveness with the project nº EDU2013-41974-P P I D i

-University of Málaga (Help requested)

-Faculty of educational sciences (Help requested)

-Department of didactics and school organization (Help requested)

-Chair r D I Euroformac-a

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