Full professor at Málaga University, (Spain). Research lines: a) educational innovation vs technological innovation; B) University teaching c) Practicum. He has been director of several services of training of university teachers (Sciences of Education Center -1994-98-, Educational Innovation Service -1998-2000-, Virtual Teaching -2000-2004-). He has been an adviser to the Distance Education System (SINED) and the Rectors’ Association (ANUIES) in Mexico. He was awarded the “Order of Puerto Ayacucho” for Projects developed in Amazonas (Venezuela). External evaluator in evaluation agencies ANEP -Spain-.

Director of the research group: Globalization, Technology, Education and Learning (Gtea), Junta de Andalucía (SEJ-462). He has actively participated in Nacional (excellence projects R+D+i Spanish Ministry of Education) and international R+D+i projects [] (Erasmus+, Tempus, Feder, etc.) in Europe, Central Asia (Silk road) and Iberoamerica (Resib). Nowadays he participates in the projects: 1. Study of the impact of technologies in evaluating the competencies in the practicum; 2. Lelenet and 3. Video Annotation Network Project.

Editor Practicum Journal and member of the Practicum Network: Association for the development of the practicum and external practices (REPPE).

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